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The new bebe!

Angel Dubois and I were bound today as childe and sire. Along with addition of quite a few more family members from pers' end and another one coming from Dey's end tomorrow. This has been a very good day for the Hall of Binding.

[March 13, 2010]

So They Say

So They Say
The first cut is the deepest.
Its dishonorable to sire hop.
Its dishonorable to sever with no word.
You look stupid when you attack for fun.
Being an Elder makes your worth more.
Coins show power.
Blood shows power.
Weapons show power.

None of this was true. Would never be true. All just delusions. Figments that vampires told themselves to make their own lives better. To assure they had power. Its all nothing. It all means shit. A vampire, living of many centuries, should choose who and what they want. They gain insight, Knowledge, and this is power. What good is a weapon if you do not have the skill to make it useful? What good are coins when you let them sit and rot. And Blood. Blood would never make you better then any other. She herself had Fourty-Six Thousand Pints and it was easily drained from her body. Just as it was easily taken from others. This for sure she knew for a fact.

Now she had been in this city for at least 5, almost 6 years, to her recollection. Sure some time may have been lost to her, but not enough to make to big of a difference. In some minds she was considered an Elder, certainly not a Founder, but an Elder. This gave her next to no power though. It did not make her better because she had been here longer. Though she thought of herself better then a great many people, age in the city adding nothing to that.

She had fought in battles. Gotten, in her own mind, good enough to battle just about anyone in a live fight. Though she was sure a least a few could put her to shame she had yet to run into them, besides of course, her current sire. Whom she dreaded fighting and hoped it wouldn't ever need happen. Though she would hold her own, Andre would probably stomp her.

As she walked around the city all these things ran through her mind. Each one of them she thought about with every new step. Fourty-one. Fourty-two. Fourty-three. It had been a not to well known condition of virgos to count out her steps. She could not help it, it was indeed, part of her personality that she could not overcome. Bane loved her despite her oddities.

Now she had been spending time with her current targets daughter. Many would ask why or wtf? But to her the woman was fascinating. Studying the woman would take many a life time, so, instead of calling Occamrazor a patient, she called her friend. And the two of them for now seemed to get along fine. Occam was sweet and nice but had a deadly and hard outside. This in turn brought her to another unwritten rule. "You can't attack for fun. You need a reason. Blah. blah. blah."

Indeed this thought, to virgo, was bullshit. You don't Need a reason. Fun in and of itself is a good enough reason. Many would agree with her and many would disagree with the line of thinking she kept. In her mind though, fighting for a reason went right along with the weapons are power rule. Fighting for fun, using your weapons to achieve an outcome you favor, that she could never think was wrong. Need not be a reason besides fun.

Fourty-eight. Fourty-nine. Fifty. Fifty-one.

Only a little bit further. She hated using them, because it screwed up her counting, but she was becoming restless with her thoughts. So the drank a speed potion and flitted 5 squares. Then another, 5 more. Then another, 5 more. Sixty-seven. Sixty-eight. Sixty-nine. Arrival. The teller was a woman in her early Thirties. It was no surprise the woman was bored and her drawl was anything but typical for virgo. Even with all the different origins of her kind, eventually, to her, they all started to sound alike. Words were just words after all.

"Yes. Thats right. Again. Give it to me, its mine, and get a new job or end up as one of my newest collection pieces." How she hated when they looked at her like that. It was sad really, that vampire ideologies had spread to the humans we see many a day. They need not know of our world. They should be killed when they do. But this was a belief hardly any carried and even fewer would act upon.

Heavily jingling now, she glowed as bright as the night sky, but she was quick, and with any luck non would catch her. She had picked up at least a few tricks from the Rogues. "Option number one" A few more word said. Exchange of money. Done. She was now breaking rule number three and possibly number two, but neither of them mattered. She, in her mind, was not hopping, if she had put thought into such matters and since it was always her paying the price, that too added to her credit.

The last rule come as an after thought. Thinking on the past. It was not the first cut that hurt to badly, but instead the second. How she missed that particular vampire but she would never say a word. That would indeed show a mistake in judgment, in knowledge, and that was a great weakness.


Yah Bitch Yah!

Journal Entry :: Occam has been keeping on my ass, burning me. Kaio's falling. Whatever.

Small RP ::

virgo waited silently in the shadows. She had been waiting for something to do and It just so happened Kaio came along at the perfect time. Poor him. He had showed himself on the Bite, where V felt compelled to reply to him. She was indeed a part of the clan and there was no reason for her to not make a smart ass comment to him. What a surprise, V being a bitch to someone she had no emotion for. Good or Bad.

Soon after it was proposed, a party for the twat. Why not? She knew how to throw a rogue party. Thieving was usually front and center, but this was a good chance for them to get some dust off. She had dressed in her fighting clothes, however they had shrunk she was sure. Giving into her 'I'm Fat' Complex wasn't about to happen right now. She didn't need that at this moment.

However she did tap into her typical fighting knowledge. She knew Kaio prolly wouldn't fight her in live battle, even though she could hold her own pretty well, but instead in a shadow fight. Hit, move, wait, hit. That was what she would be looking forward too.

Leaving the Hall she used her second-sight to find kaio and see his current place of stay. Not a surprise, he was indeed at his home. Well. His and Mina's. The Wolfe home. Cracking a scroll of teleportation she jolted to that location. She broke into the home violently, finding a sleeping kaio. Wasting no time V smashed a vial of Holy Water on her target. Blood Flowed. It was magnificent. Quickly she left the home as fast as she had come to its doors and soon found herself robbing and biting anything in her path. The adrenaline had not subsided until she reached the bank. She deposited her coins and then it was time to wait. Just wait.

So whats new?

From what I can tell there ain't shit going on in the city. Same shit different day. When is something interesting gonna happen again? When the city freezes over? Snow ball fights do not count.


This is what Im Sick Of....

Seriously. This is why I get to the point I hate RBC.

The other day DM scrolled Devil Miyu from her home. Then he robs her. Gets a bunch of coins off her and tells everyone. Now. That is all fine and dandy. But they, as in everyone, all assumed that they are getting one up on Miyu. No one even considers the possibility that Miyu could have kept a lot of coin on her specifically to give it out to the community. Nope. They stole coins off her and they got the better of her and blah blah blah.

Maybe everyone should be more self-less instead of selfish. Oh wait. I forgot where I was talking about.

OOC - Meh. Whatever.

I made this mostly so that Im more in the loop with whats going on in RBC. Guess we will see if it helps me or not. I know DE and Miyu are on here. If there is anyone else RBC related who wants to add me feel free. Ill update pics and profile later.





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